Vortrag Huenemoerder 1124   1A most entertaining and yet profound update on US politics and society was presented to our 11th and 12th graders, along with many more students from Traunstein, Marquartstein, Trostberg and Ising, on Oct, 24th at the K1. The speaker, Dr. Markus Hünemörder, is a guidance counselor and adjunct lecturer at the university of Munich, but first and foremost he is the leading expert of American politics.

Needless to say, his most prominent topic that afternoon was the social division and political polarisation within US society as a legacy of Donald Trump’s presidency. With Trump’s re-election as US President looming next year, the students were really interested in the most recent whereabouts of US politics. Dr. Hünemörder did a very good job at pointing out how much US democracy is in danger and how much Joe Biden’s current presidency is overshadowed by Trump’s attempts to regain power. Being informed about such topical issues in such an interesting way was a great pleasure for both students and teachers.

OStRin I. Geck

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